Do something Green on Black Friday!

This Black Friday the choice is yours!

Black Friday – a day dedicated to consumption, that is anything but sustainable. Steep discounts and panicked hyper-consumption make people buy products they don’t necessarily need for the sake of a bargain. This kind of mindless spending creates an enormous detrimental impact on both people and planet.

We want to be honest: in the past years we were part of this crazy system. To a large extent, because we wanted to make our clothing more affordable for people who want to, but can’t shop sustainable, because of the price. 

This year, we’re doing Black Friday differently.

Decide for yourself: get a sweet deal with 30% off our entire collection or pay the regular price and we donate these 30% to the Alpenschutzverein, which is committed to protect and conserve the Alps and thus the habitat of many animals and plants.

Save 30% with the code: “YourChoice21”

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