A garment you will never want to put off again! This overall creates a sophisticated but at the same time extremely comfortable look. The belt is for optional wearing and the big pockets in the front make the Overall super practical to store all the daily treasures.

All details at a glance:

  • material: 100% linen
  • color: sienna
  • regulates the body temperature
  • belt for optional wearing
  • beautiful button placket with wooden buttons in the front
  • big pockets
  • happily made in Portugal

Matona is a small, family-run brand based in the Austrian Alps. Our focus lays on sustainability in all steps of the production process. The kids- and womenswear is produced in Portugal in small certified factories meeting the highest social and environmental standards. Here at Matona we make functional and sustainable organic clothing for the whole family. With a special eye on the aesthetics – only using the best natural materials like organic cotton and a very soft linen quality.